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Marketing budget for digital measures. The majority of those survey are convinc that the current situation […]

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Agree that agile principles will soon  part of normal everyday life. th thesis: More state control! […]

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Future-orient perspective is easy for the workshop participants to master and implement. While user story mapping […]

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User story mapping does not replace direct. Engagement and communication with the. Target groupbut it can […]

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Offer its users quality in the search results. Getting bad content to the top of Google […]

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France to England. These three projects are typical examples of a project. Whether efficient project management […]

Agile project management and agile

Can also  found in a definition publish by the German Institute for Standardization (DIN). The DIN […]

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Companies Artificial intelligence and its algorithms analyze business goals and digital tools control their implementation. The […]

Working with competing customer

Left hind in the race for buyers. Don’t plan past your target group any longer but. […]

Marketing work again and again

The help of market expansion. Shorter Product Life This isn’t the first choicebut some companies have […]

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