Marketing budget for digital measures. The majority of those survey are convinc that the current situation will make this even worse. th thesis: Remote First – home office is coming the new #normal! . percent of the visitors think  a normal working environment after the Corona crisis. Here . percent disagree and . percent are undecid. Difficult to assess! Of course it also depends on the industry. We’ll see what’s #Normal in the future. th thesis: People and companies will  less mobile! Will the corona pandemic continue to restrict mobility after it has subsid . percent disagree with this thesis A quarter of those survey.

That working from home will still 

Percent see it differently and think that mobility will decrease. th thesis: Access to customers in the B B area is coming even more difficult! . The majority. percent Portugal Phone Number List do not think that contact with B B customers will deteriorate. Howeveralmost a third ( percent) can imagine that – the other third is unsure. In the course of the increas digitization caus by the Corona crisisit still seems unclear to most to what extent this can affect business with B B customers. th thesis: Demands on workdecision-making and information spe and flexibility.

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Opinions differ on this thesis

Are increasing percent of the participants of the Digital Marketing Day survey expect exactly that! Due to the chang situationmany companies have had to KY Lists and still have to adapt and reinvent themselves. For this reasonthe  of various work processes will probably also increase. th thesis: Leadership is coming more important! At least . percent of the participants think so . But will this  an effect of the Covid- pandemic or a general evolution of corporate structures Either waythe majority expect leadership to  an increasingly important role. th thesis: Agile principles are coming normal! Everyone has had to adjust during this strange time. That’s exactly what the marketing department had to do percent of the marketers survey.

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