Agree that agile principles will soon  part of normal everyday life. th thesis: More state control! Just over half. percent don’t think it will happen. In the wake of the pandemicmany industries are dependent on the state. Large airlines such as  able to continue without state aid. But will that mean that significantly more measures and activities will  controll by the state in the future . percent cannot assess how state control will ultimately develop. th thesis: German Angst – data protection Made in Germany will come standard! German Angst – will the stereotype of fearful Germans come the standard for data protection The marketers survey disagree. percent agree with the thesisbut percent disagree – and the rest are undecid.

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Due to the crisiscompanies and private individuals in various areas had to resort to digital options. This also reviv the issue of data protection.  fear Romania Phone Number List stereotype of Germans will come the standard for data protection. The DIM as your partner The requirements are increasingas the survey shows. We are experts in the field of marketing and our experienc marketing consultants are happy to support you with your projects. This is how you tap the full potential of your brand. The DIM offers you many advantages: Our experts professionally reflect your marketing wWebinar as a marketing tool Webinars are ing us.

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More and more in the marketing environment. In day-to-day workit is common to travel to different cities from appointment to appointment.  are now KY Lists many time-saving options such as online meetingswebinars or video conferences that can  us instead of traveling. In particularthe webinar is not only us for pure communicationbut also represents a suitable marketing tool . What is a webinar The term webinar is made up of the words web and seminar. A webinar is an online-bas seminar in which people can participate from their PC and a speaker conveys the content via a webcam and a set of slides. Webinars are often us to offer online lecturespresentations or training courseseg in the form of e-learning.

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