Future-orient perspective is easy for the workshop participants to master and implement. While user story mapping is not a panacea on its ownit provides a shar understanding of market performance and the customer among all team memrs. agile teams. solution can  clearly outlin with a clear focus on product development. ll relevant information on data security explain to them by their preferr providers in good time fore making a purchase. Conclusion: The modern way of bookkeeping using intelligent soft post-corona theses – what marketers report The global corona pandemic has meant a change for each of us.

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For some more and for others less. We also felt these changes clearly in the area of ​​marketing . But what will it look like once we have survivthe old waywill Senegal Phone Number List many things remain the same or will some things come even stronger  post-corona theses . Survey on post-corona theses At the Digital Marketing Day of the German Institute for Marketingvisitors were ask about post-corona theses . This article presents the theses and the results of the survey. Find out what others expect from the post-corona period in terms of the marketing world! At this point we also say to everyone who took part in.

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The survey Thank you! Please click here to accept marketing cookies and enable this content The participants of the Digital Marketing Day should KY Lists vote on post-corona theses . They could choose tween Agree Disagree and I’m not sure . . Thesis: Digitization will continue to  just a trend! . percent of respondents disagree with this statement. It seems unlikely that digitization will remain just a trend. Over timethe possibilities of the digital world are expanding more and more. Especially in the current times of the corona pandemicmany companies are forc to develop further. For manyit probably seems nonsensical that the use of the various digital possibilities.

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