France to England. These three projects are typical examples of a project. Whether efficient project management was actually us when building the pyramids remains to  seen. But the first man on the moon is a good example of a successful project. The Channel Tunnelon the other handis an example of a less successful project. operationalthe time and cost of this project have en exce by far. All three examples have some specific similarities that you can apply to your projects. goals of a project A project basically has a goal. This so-call factual task is the problem that is to  solv. In an P projectfor examplethe task is to make the P technology.

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Cloud-capable. Oras in our example abovetaking a man to the moon. In addition to this goalthere is always a time target for a project. fore  has to Slovenia Phone Number List on the moon fore a Russian. The special thing about these tasks is that they are uniquenew and complex. Nobody had done a year changeover fore. At the timein getting someone to the moon was also a novelunique and not entirely easy task. Another feature of projects is a set budget. The Eurotunnel or the moon mission had to  realiz with limit financial and human resources. Add to this is the relatively high risk involv in many projects.

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The computer project has to  finish

In the case of the moon missionthis is easy to understand. If the project failslives are at risk. This is not the case in every projectbut under certain KY Lists circumstances a fail project endangers the existence of a company or at least the career of the project manager. A large numr of people are usually involv in projectsso that their interests must always  taken into account. Learn how to carry out projects successfully – our project management seminar! definition project These criteria show that a project cannot  realiz casually. As a rulea project is clearly distinguish from other activities and a special organization is introduc. In the example of the moon journeya separate research center was even set up. These characteristics of projects.

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