The help of market expansion. Shorter Product Life This isn’t the first choicebut some companies have en using it for a long time. Products today ne to  replac more quickly and often have a shorter lifespan for sales reasons. In this waysome companies market saturation. Worst case: exit from the market If all of these measures no longer helpthe option of exiting the market should also  consider. The DIM as your partner Do you want to know how your market segment is doing Do you ne help with a brand relaunch or would you like advice on product marketing Are you in the market saturation phase and don’t know how to continue.

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Generating sales We at the German Institute for Marketing will help you! We offer you professional customer and market analyses.  ideas and concepts Turkey Phone Number List together with you. terms of target and personaliz communication. This technology builds on the detail collection of customer-relevant data. By using data-bas marketingcustomers can  tter address and involv in marketing activities. The aim is to influence the customer’s opinion regarding your product or service. Microtargeting helps you to specifically influence.

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Change the customer’s buying attitude in relation to your offer. In additionyou can use Big Data Analytics to reflect your  and thus increase the effectiveness KY Lists of your advertising measures in the long termidentify optimization potential and optimally align all messages to custo tips for customer-orient company management How customer-orient is your company Make the customer the starting point of your considerations and give top priority to the wishes of the buyer – what sounds like an old truism is still not consistently practic in many companies due to a lack of implementation ideas. The factor of customer satisfaction is decisive in determining who can position themselves at the top of the market in the long term and who is.

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