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Identification observation and analysis of user-generat content in social networks for market research purposes. Importance of social mia monitoring Two thirds of all Internet users worldwide use social mia services. In Germany alone over of – year olds use social mia. of German households make a purchase decision online. and discussions from other buyers and Internet users are a decisive factor. These testimonials ratings and opinions are publish via blogs videos social mia forums and rating portals. The posts and discussions.

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Create a vast repository of information for market research purposes. So that companies do not lose track are always up to date and do not miss South Korea Phone Numbers List any posts or shitstorms social mia monitoring is essentialhas now become part of everyday work.  companies should not ignore the potential and benefits of monitoring. Visit our social mia seminar and learn more about the world of social mia! Reasons for social mia monitoring Many companies have now recogniz the potential of social mia monitoring and are already implementing it. Some advantages of good social mia monitoring are Observing competitors With the help of social mia monitoring it is of course also possible to keep an eye on the competitors and if necessary to react to their.

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Activities Analy zing the usage of the target. Group You can analyze the usage behavior of your. Target group and collect new data about KY Lists your target group. Optimizing the strategy With the newly gain information about  and optimize your social mia strategy. Identify influencers You can identify relevant multipliers contact them and provide them with information that the influencers should spread via their social mia channels. Top Mentions Top mentions can result from either problems or a successful campaign. So if you’re doing social mia monitoring you’ll definitely be notifi of an unusual spike in mentions Finding.

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