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Cine stock and everyone who support our entry. What insights do we take with us from the SEO Contest . Strong domain works Due to our good ranking for the term Black Hat Sith right from the start we notic that a strong domain with an already existing high reach and trust is particularly important for a good ranking. in the post about the term White Hat Ji as it was always in the top without much effort. . Backlinks increase success As we already knew backlinks are helpful for a good ranking. Trustworthy sites which ideally also achieve a good reach are particularly important here. . Internal Links Internal links are sometimes.

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They are crucial for the ranking in the search results. We have set internal links primarily to relat articles and pages. . Content content content  track the Thailand Phone Number List ranking of our post every hour. In particular the daily maintenance of the contribution l to a consistently high ranking. The maintenance of the post includ new content every day on the one hand through our daily diary entries and on the other hand through further information on the subject of SEO and Star Wars. Additional video content images and a clear structure of the content.

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Via a table of contents support the readability of the article. . Social Signals By linking the blog post with postings on Facebook and  and thus increas KY Lists the reach and distribution of the post. We also support the distribution of the blog post with a competition at the Cologne Marketing Day. Our conclusion after the SEO contest Overall our verdict on the Cinestock SEO Contest is very positive. Content could easily be produc for the interesting fictitious keywords. After a short time the whole SEO team was in Star Wars fever Of course we are particularly happy about our great success in taking first place for the keyword Black Hat Sith. This confirms to our team that we.

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