Offer that do not sufficiently increase the nefit for the customer. Do competitors offer aspects that should  includ in your own portfolio What makes us different Which product features are possibly not yet available to the customer on the market If it is possible to answer these questions then unus opportunities in the market can  recogniz and one’s own offer can  optimis. The Blue Ocean strategy also offers herea suitable approach which is not about positioning yourself in a competitive battle but about opening up your very own market Seminar.

Then our seminar Agile Marketing

Agile Marketing Methods and Tools Would you like to implement agile marketing methods in your company with a focus on customers  – Methods South Africa Phone Number List and Tools is the right thing for you Find out now about the exact dates and contentWnesday  and Toolsin Cologne or onlineInform now Legend:Free places available.Only a few places leftSorry fully book. Conclusion The sweet spot method is therefore a helpful analysis method for uncovering and optimizing your own opportunities in the market. It is necessary to use information about customers and competitors in order to depict reality and obtain.

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April  Agile Marketing Methods

Relevant results If this succes the sweet spot method can identify strengths and weaknesses in a provider’s product portfolio and provide impetus KY Lists for successful further development. Marketing trends – Agile intelligent and emotional   use them for yourself or simply observe them. Not knowing them is negligent. If you don’t keep up with the times you will keep up with the times.The changes in customer havior the constant digitization and the changes in industries and markets are difficult to ignore. But what concrete changes are there which of them are relevant for an industry and how should you deal with them We tri to answer.

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