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Person have What does the person benefit from What is the person s environment and everyday life like Persona Target groups in B C marketing In B C marketingcompanies address the end customer who uses the product/service directly. B C companies therefore have a large target group that can be easily survey and defin in individual target groups bas on criteria such as consumer behaviorpreferences and budget. The demographicsocio-economic and psychographic characteristics already mentionas well as the purchasing behavior of customersare also us to define the target group Target groups in marketing In.

Individual wishes of business customers

Marketing market segmentation is a bit more difficult because the target group is narrower than in B C marketing. In additionthe criteria cannot be UK Phone Number List fix across the board for a large target group since the companies have to respond to the . Offers must be specifically formulat andunlike B C marketingare not generally usable because they are only intend for individual B B customers. Criteria for characterizing business customers include the industry they belong tothe size of the companythe phase of the company or the regional demarcation. Persona profile example Define target groups in Google With the Google tracking.

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Group you are able to address your

Toolsit is possible to simulate a similar target group of website visitors and to advertise them specifically by playing Google AdWords ads or using remarketing KY Lists campaigns . Conclusion If you have now analyz and defin your target customers in a target and individual manner. By thoroughly defining target groups the customer groups relevant to your company can be identifiso that you can save time and money that would otherwise be invest in acquiring irrelevant customer groups. A personaliz approach also makes your customers feel more valuwhich has a positive effect on both customer loyalty and your sales figures in the long.

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