Calibration rounds are us in the development of employees to compare the evaluation criteria. The managers’ assessments are not always identical. The potential of select employees is examin in calibration rounds and the assessment criteria are then often adjust. career and career development Employee development also works well with the help of fix career plans. Employees remain motivat when there is strategic support from the employer. The advantage With this type of development the company goals can  plac very well in focus. Company training In-company training plays an important role especially in large companies Employees can.

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Come real experts in certain areas with the help of seminars or training courses. One advantage as a rule these further training courses are .  development Poland Phone Number List if the employees themselves can choose from various further training options. project work Project work can also help to promote staff. If several employees from different areas  bad working methods are usually evident. Conclusions can  drawn from these which can then also  us to optimize work on upcoming projects. succession planning Succession planning often serves as the basis for personnel.

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Development Companies identify the positions in which successors are or will  necessary. Bas on the specifications for the respective position career plans KY Lists are then drawn up for individual employees for example. With these the employees can  specifically train for the succession. Conclusion The wide range of measures makes it easier for companies to choose the right path for personnel development . In addition it is often worth not just relying on one of the instruments but rather to combine different measures. Target agreements and feback meetings for example.

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