Processes of the customer. The journey of the consumer is particularly interesting in the area of ​​e-commerce. On the one hand the customer can influenc by online marketing and on the other hand customer movements can tools such as Google Analytics . These tools offer the possibility of understanding the movements of the consumer fore visiting one’s own homepage. In this way it can also clarifi whether the last touchpoint was solely decisive for the purchase of a product or whether it arose from a sequence of several contacts. Furthermore customer journey analyzes can carri outMeasure insights into the havior and preferences.

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Individual target groups in relation to their reaction to marketing measures. Would you like to analyze the customer journey of  our market research Ukraine Phone Number List expert! Bastian Foerster Mr. Bastian Foerster Phone: + – Fax: + – Send an email . Customer Journey – The Challenges The challenge of the customer journey is not to lose the customer during the journey. cause the interest party will certainly also come aware of competitors.  strengthen the customer’s desire for the potential offer and to persuade the customer to make a final decision. In order to increase the probability of a sale by the interest party the website should have a high level of conversion optimization and good usability.

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Customer Journey Workshop with the DIM Do you know the journey of your customers How do you activate customers how do you interact and KY Lists how can you convert your customers to a decision A workshop with the experienc consultants of the DIM offers you new impulses exchange and a meaningful reflection of your work on your customer journey. Structur systematic and a power day with a lot of experience and tri and test tools! Customer journey workshops We regularly conduct workshops for B B and B C companies throughout Germany. Innovative concrete and experienc! Call us: – or use our contact form .  Customer Journey – How can it look like in a practical example The customer journey must.

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