Verification Since you have now conduct a variety. Of research work and at st your own market. Research it is important to connect the information from this work. Only by combining the various analysis results can you gain valuable insights into the thinking and havior of your customers. That means you have to bring all the data together and reconcile it. This check avoids rundancies and brings all methods to a common denominator. Combine the results of your own surveys with the information from your research and interpret them together – one might even explain the other.

Particular importance for the customer

This combination opens up new perspectives. For you and shows what is important to the customer – for example if a certain  in the various analysis methods South Africa Phone Number List this will probably  of  and is definitely expect point of parity Map target group / create personas After you have successfully defin and analyz your target group you should also map it correctly. In this way the findings can  structur and us more quickly and efficiently for further action. You have already identifi your target group and you are now aware of their wishes and nes – now it is a matter of correctly mapping and presenting these results. You use personas to depict target group representatives.

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Characteristic appears again and again

This means you develop fictitious people who correspond to your typical customer from one of your target groups. You can also develop several personas KY Lists if you want to address different target groups with very different interests.  we offer you efficient help in developing a representative persona for your target group. . Monitoring and updates Bas on the complet target group analysis and the clear depiction of these results you can now develop your marketing strategy and optimally adapt your marketing activities to the.

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