You can increase their score by If he clicks on a link in your email you increase his score by + and if he buys his score will increase by + . This way you can identify the leads and customers with the highest qualifications.up very target marketing strategies for example you can revive contacts who are increasingly inactive or you can reward your st customers so that they come ambassadors for your brand. . Improve the timing of your correspondence Ür Marketing Automation your emails so the right person gets the right content. For example send your users preferr products or complementary goods when your leads are the hottest.

Lead scoring allows you to set

Increase your customer satisfaction Marketing automation is a good way to retain your users. You can easily create personaliz flows so you can help Peru Phone Number List your prospects take their first steps. Thanks to the help you offer your customers you and thereby increase the numr of users who can come ambassadors of your website or your product.  can intensify your marketing and deepen your customer relationship. If you want to optimize your ROI with every interaction then there is an urgent ne to automate marketing processes and adapt them to your customers. Conclusion Overview of the advantages of marketing automation In summary marketing automationhas many advantages for marketers.

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Improve your customer satisfaction

As long as it is approach correctly and not us as a spam machine. Individual marketing activities can  built into entire strategies and their work steps KY Lists can  prefin and finally and possibilities of artificial intelligence the interests and wishes of the leads can also  queri and specifi. low you will find an overview of the advantages of marketing automation for companies time saving Automation of entire workflows Generation of a meaningful customer portfolio Integration into the marketing strategy cost cutting Relief of marketing work by rucing the workload Support forecasts with collect data Intelligent use of artificial intelligence Automat tracking Increas productivity Pricing This is what you ne to know and ar in mind Pricing is an.

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