Marketing makes more sense and is more appropriate to begin with although PR can be add over time. There is also the possibility of working with PR agencies . Goals Star up . Determine target groups precisely Once the goals have been set the determination or analysis of the target groups follows immiately :-up Is the communication aim at the general public or mainly at (potential) customers employees mia representatives or investors What exactly characterizes the target group(s) What is the best way to reach them Where can these target groups mainly be found Once all target groups have been list and determin priorities can be set. These should be reflect in the communication strategy.

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Precise goals can also be defin for each target group. Because the communication of the start-up should ultimately achieve something very specific with Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List the target group. If the goals are measurable precise realistic and relevant this facilitates the process.some start-ups tend to think of large news sites in the offline and above all in the online area . Print advertising still seems tempting and can sometimes be appropriate. But it’s always honest to determine what arguably the best channels are for the business and its goals. In many cases certain target groups can now be reach more easily through social mia Sporty fashion.

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Communication of the start

Brands are a good example . Their target group are mainly young people who are concern about their appearance. The right channel for this is above KY Lists all Instagram which has a strong visual effect. Various brands that swam under the radar for a while but are currently experiencing a revival now reach millions of followers here. They also cooperate with influencers on the platform and often hardly have to advertise elsewhere. Nevertheless they communicate their company and brand messages successfully and in a target group-orient manner. Develop start-up messages If the target.

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