There is always the second qualitative question: What does the influencer actually stand for It’s about cribility. Can I get my brand in context That is why influencer marketing is a very interesting approach. Why do some companies find it so difficult to recognize influencer marketing as part of marketing The decision-makers in  social mia affine. It’s just about the acceptance I have there. That means I have to trust the thing and have a certain affinity for it. In additionI have to have a feeling for who the target group I am addressing is and in what context the influencer is actually locat. Another aspect is measurability. Influencers are often much more advanc than the classic mia cause they have excellent access to data through their channels.

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So who are the followers What interaction rates do we have But the question ishow do you get that anchor in the company or the product time with Peru Phone Number List that. As long as the other channels are still working wellthe context for will not try anything new. Do you see potential in B B influencers B B influencers have en around for muchmuch longer. These are often itorsfor example. An itor-in-chief of a trade journal who has a certain positioning and attention is follow by other interest peopleincluding on LinkIn. That means I havehave a different clientele who could  consider influencers. These contexts often don’t have these large numrs at all. At DIMfor examplewe have one of the largestwidest-reaching marketing websites in Germany. We have around visitors a month. This is nothing for classic consumption. 

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For a very special topicin a very special contexta lot. In the B B context we are talking about much smaller numrs than in the consumer KY Lists goods sector. Keyword micro-influencer. Does it sometimes make more sense to work with many smaller influencers than with the big onesthe macro influencers or star influencers  and transactionwe are very reach-driven in marketing. For examplea community with a potential of potential customers and I work with four or five micro-influencerswho together might have a reach of . You have to consider how much effort is requir for the few contacts. You have to know that in mia planning.

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