In companies A study by the Landes bank Baden-Württem berg from show that there is a high degree of agreement in the use of KPIs in many companies. Transaction-orient KPIs such as incoming orders and sales/sales growth are actually measur most frequently . In addition to these marketing key figures attention should also be paid to the fact that purely financial KPIs as cash flow EBIT margin and the equity ratio are of great importance. Marketing activities should therefore be compatible with.

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These metrics w you can develop and implement the perfect further training solution for you. Call us – – or use our contact form .  forum marketing / – votesA term that appears again and again in the marketing mix and has play a major role here for some time is so-call forum marketing . This is a classic approach with the help of which a specific target group is to be address even better. But how exactly does forum marketing work And  met in order to use Ivory Coast Phone Number List forums effectively for marketing forum marketing What exactly is forum marketing When surfing the Internet forums catch the eye comparatively.

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Quickly Experience has shown that people who are enthusiastic about a certain topic or who have at least one or more questions about it gather in a KY Lists forum. Sometimes it’s just about exchanging ideas with like-mind people. Forum marketing is a strategy that focuses on advertising your own product or service in the forum. This can be full details or just posting a link. The goal: the reference to your own brand and the expansion of the customer base. Social Mia Marketing Seminar In our Social Mia Marketing seminar you will receive the tools to use the most important social mia platforms of our time and to position your company profitably in social mia. Here you can find out more.

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