Time when more and more people are interest in protecting the environment and living sustainably, it is only natural that companies will also respond to this trend. After all, in highly competitive industries, it is more and more about standing out from the competition, breaking new ground and meeting the expectations of potential customers. But  ? Which companies nefit from such an approach? And how promising is a concept that is repeatly criticiz and view critically by many consumers? press inquiries As marketing experts, employees of the German Institute for Marketing not only give seminars and lectures, but also regular interviews in newspapers, TV and radio. We have support journalists and itors.

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With over interviews in all German television channels and regional and national newspapers, trade journals and radio stations. Feel free to contact us Dubai Phone Number List We are at your disposal with our specialist knowlge, quickly and competently.  click here ! green washing Find out more about and the green lie here. Contents . What does mean exactly? . What are the reasons why companies engage in ? . The psychological effects of  . What forms of are there? . or not? Flowing borders . Customer power – how much influence does have on buying havior Examples of of well-known companies.

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Product management seminar . What does mean exactly? Interestingly, is not a particularly new neologism.  activist KY Lists Jay Westerveld in the s. At that time, in an essay, he address the conditions in the contemporary hotel industry. The term has a rather negative connotation and is therefore a kind of swear word for many marketing experts. The principle hind a corresponding procure is clear it connection with the increasing awareness of environmental protection and sustainability . At a is about a particularly ecological, sustainable image to maintain. In contrast to companies, which actually take action and support relevant organizations and the like, for example, is really just about image building. Under certain conditions one can even.

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