Management Ralph DStacey, provides in its original form a structuring support for the selection of management strategies under uncertainty. In practice, you will often find the Stacey Matrix in close connection with the so-call Cynefin framework, which was develop by Dave Snowden in . Both approaches classify  the four problem areas simple, complicat, complex and chaotic. Stacey Matrix and Cynefin framework In its schematic representation, the Stacey Matrix visualizes in particular the connection tween the requirement.

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What and the solution approach In addition, the Cynefin framework gives you specific recommendations for action (eg act, react, analyze or try) for each Bahamas Phone Number List of the four clusters. These differ depending on the respective classification.  in the combination of Stacey Matrixand Cynefin framework, for example when it comes to the question of which (agile) working method should  us to solve which problem situation. This shows that traditional methods are still sufficient as a solution for simple problems, while agile methods (e.g. Scrum , Kanban Board or Design Thinking ) appear to  increasingly advantageous for increasingly complex.

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To chaotic situations Stacey Matrix How Axis and, the Stacey Matrix presents itself less as a matrix and more as a coordinate system with two axes. The KY Lists horizontal axis is call the how axis and the vertical axis is call the what axis atrix and Cynefin Framework Operating Instructions Instead of starting with a quick mainly digital implementation, take the time to first understand together in the company what digital transformation actually means for your company, your employees, your industry and your market. Only then is it gradually possible to act in a target, effective and efficient manner. In connection with the Stacey Matrix and the Cynefin framework, the following different alternative experts know how to do this! Let our experienc consultants help you and contact us for a personal.

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