The topic of customer orientation as a decisive success factor . W / / Customer Centricity and Experience Managementwith Prof. Dr. Michael Bernecker in Cologne or onlineInform now Legend:Free places available.Only a few places left!Sorry fully book : total benefit vs. additional benefit In many cases developers and companies focus on the basic benefits of a service. This is usually the basis for a commodity i.e. an interchangeable product. All products and services that fulfill this basic benefit are identical and interchangeable. This classic view can also be found in economics when speaking of a product market in which complete competition takes place taking into account the perfect market. When developing products.

The different levels of customer benefit

However one should aim more at the additional benefit . With the help of the additional benefit you can create a differentiation of the product in the Algeria Phone Number List customer’s imagination so that he perceives a different positioning makes a specific assignment and comparable. The additional benefit is usually the focus of the discussion when talking about a unique selling proposition USP or a Blue Ocean strategy. In brand management the basic benefit is assign to the so-call points of parity and the additional benefit to the points of differentiation.

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The service is no longer directly

Customer benefit Thomy mustard Source: A good example of this is the Thomy mustard. The basic benefit is the KY Lists mustard and the additional benefit is the glass packaging product which after as a drinking glass. Would you like to get to know your customers better and understand their behavior Get in touch with our market research expertBastian Foerster Mr. Bastian Foerster Tel.: + – Fax: + – Send an email . How is the customer benefit determin It makes strategic sense to put yourself in the customer’s shoes when determining customer benefits . Many different factors lead to a consolidat customer benefit. This includes quality price or service. In particular a unique selling.

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