Round off the collection of primary data. ReportAfter completing the analysis and evaluation of the collect data you create a final report for your company. It is also a good idea to hold feback meetings or a final workshop with the nchmarking partner. Here the interpretations and perspectives on the project and its results can  examin and compar.  descri the differences in performance and address the root causes of those differences. Furthermore the report should show which measures should  us to work on the identifi deficits in order to compensate for the differences and to connect with your partner and his performance.

Your final report should clearly

Sources The information for nchmarking with competitors usually comes from studies and data from management consultancies chamrs associations Switzerland Phone Numbers List or research institutions as well as from company publications and the press.  can also  put to good use. In practice nchmarking analyzes are very often carri out across sectors in order to  able to learn from companies whose existence is more dependent on a specific process than their own company for example cause it can  assum that these companies in particular are already well-vers in terms of innovative approaches and instruments are further develop.

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Employees’ knowlge of competitors

Target systematic nchmarking as an instrument in performance marketing can  a very effective management tool provid there is an  business KY Lists model  the value creation levers of the business areas and the individual drivers of success. It is important to create acceptance for the systematic comparison of performance and potential and at the same time to ensure that like is compar with like. This succes for example by identifying similar clusters (eg groups of marketing units) preparing a nchmarking report bas on relevant control information and establishing a systematic approach The nchmarking process The figure.

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