Perhaps more important sectors of the business however the output continues. The same applies to environmental protection. If this is observ in a sub-area this does not mean that all departments of the company work in an environmentally friendly way. The US organization Mighty Earth for example has criticiz McDonald’s for such an approach. On the one hand the fast food group is concentrating its marketing on rucing plastic packaging and introducing vegan products but the animal fe for meat production comes from a company that is anything but sustainable. The organization even descris the fe supplier as the worst company in the world.

Another negative strategy is to support

For the fast food chain and other business partners of the company such as various supermarket chains this news is anything but good marketing. Mc Donalds Afghanistan Cell Phone Number List Germany in turn states that it does not purchase any animal fe from this producer. Exaggerat recycling strategies Another easily criticiz strategy is the public pretense that the company fully recycles and only appropriate materials are us for production. Such a marketing measure is critical for several reasons. On the one hand this is associat with very high costs that are hardly realistic. For example the price of recycl plastic has risen sharply. It can  assum that this trend will continue.

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Support without internal change

The material is now even more expensive than new plastic. Furthermore not every type of plastic is recyclable.  a great deal of practical effort which KY Lists is also difficult or impossible to implement. environmental protection in marketing without making any internal changes. This could take place for example through donations. If at the same time changes are not made within the company that contribute to greater sustainability this does not appear honest. In addition customers and the public get the impression that the company uses the donations for marketing but has no real interest in increasing sustainability. Selling indulgences with emissions.

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