Set up as a free-standing variant in pestrian zones. Are hung on walls in the area of ​​a train station or in the city center. CLP is characteriz by a large reach but you have to invest accordingly more than with other variants of poster advertising . General posts : General posts are advertising pillars that have en rent jointly by several advertisers.  are spread all over the city especially in residential areas. Concerts theater programs and other events are usually announc with the help of general offices.

Advertising pillars of this category

Mega-Lights are usually only found in major cities. usy streets. City Light Boards have a . meter high base on which a backlit poster changing system Dominican Republic Phone Number List is attach.  shows advertisements from different companies. CLSCity Light Columns : The City Light Columns are relat to the classic advertising column. They are usually illuminat and are usually locat at highly frequent junctions in the pestrian zone or in the city center. Billboard advertising and how it works Official market research confirms that consumers perceive outdoor advertising with the help of posters as more appealing and much less intrusive than for example.

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The poster changing system usually

Pop-ups One can almost say that this type of advertising. xudes a certain sympathy. That’s why billboard advertising is. An effective way to KY Lists advertise services products or events. And at the same time to support the brand positively. Advertising is also on the move! Billboard advertising is. More than a simple posting on an. advertising pillar or a billboard. Various trends can currently identifi: lication of the method without. The necess Carry-over effect – This is how your advertising. Works vote Marketing and the associat expenses. For communication are often fac with the challenge. Of having to justifonlineInform now W. business development with Prof. in Cologne or online Inform Legend Free.

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