White Paper – How a white paper will get you. Aheadvotes A white paper can give your. Company wings. How It is essential that you position yourself on the internet. If you don’t do that you won’t  customers with technical information in the  Internet. In a white paper solutions for complex questions products or generally innovative topics can  present from the company’s perspective. A white paper is often us in lead management to obtain customer data. Please click here to accept marketing cookies and enable this content.

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Contents of a white paper A white paper is usually us in the. Information phase of a potential customer. In order to determine the  always makes sense to Israel Phone Number List put yourself in the shoes of the customer. We recommend creating a persona for this so that you get more transparency about the target group of the white paper . When creating a white paper always clarify the following questionsWho is the white paper for  Is the reader a decision maker consultant or user What prior knowlge does he have What phase of the decision-making process is he in What questions does he have What content do we want to convey to him.

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What type of problem is it What should he do with the white paper  What should he do with the white paper after reading it What solution do we offer KY Lists the reader With the help of these questions you have the opportunity to get  of the white paper . Structure of a white paper A white paper should always take the customer’s context into account and have a r path. The aim should therefore  to offer such excellent content that the potential customer is happy to read forward and recommend the white paper . A possible structure for a white paper can look like thistitle cover sheet etc. Management summary Presentation of the problem question hypothesis State.

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