Quick profits Rather concepts should  develop that can  pursu permanently. Social sustainability Social sustainability means entrepreneurial activity from which no one has to suffer. Exploitation cheap wages and unhealthy working conditions are . Companies that make it known that they don’t value everyone equally are quickly given an image that can hardly  repair. .  authentic No matter which area of ​​image strengthening you look at it is always important to remain authentic and crible. Gaining a more positive image.

Counterexamples for social sustainability

Doesn’t mean ascribing a role to yourself that you can’t fulfill. Or to write a philosophy on the flag that you don’t really support at heart or whose values ​​Iran Phone Number List you can’t perhaps yetlive up to. Instead improving the image is about improving in some  it comes to your own weaknesses for example. Authenticity also speaks for competence. causeusually also able to work on these weaknesses in order to improve. . Build a professional corporate identity The image of a company is also determin by the corporate identity CI). Unlike the brand identity  the CI does not only mean the presentation of a brand to the outside world. Instead it includes all the features and characteristics of a company. Of course.

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Points but also ing transparent when

Means that the entire company follows communicates and ultimately lives out the same values. In addition to the points already mention the corporate design is also decisive for external perception. Especially in times of social mia an image on visual KY Lists channels such as Instagram is primarily characteriz by a contemporary stylish appearance. Investing in good designers who might even manage to develop a corporate color that sticks such as Nivea blue or Cola r is always worthwhile for the image. . Use channels such as social mia While we are on the subject of social mia channels such as the aforemention Instagram but also Twitter Facebook Xing & Co. should  us by every modern company today. They are great for getting press releases or any other content out to a wide audience in a short amount of time. And that without ing dependent.

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