Any time on ho Cinemagra phs – Animat images that fascinate / – votesMoving images – also known as cinemagraphs – are back in fashion. Especially in America they have long since conquer the marketing industry and social mia .  that cinemagraphs can be us in a variety of ways and draw the viewer’s attention very unobtrusively. What exactly are cinemagraphs Cinemagraphs are partly animat images. This means that only one or more select parts will move while everything else remains rigid. Therefore they are also clearly.

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Perceiv as animat images and not as videos. A comparison to the long-known GIFs is often made. However cinemagraphs must be clearly El Salvador Phone Number List distinguish from GIFs mainly because they are of a much higher quality.  that cinemagraphs contain significantly more colors. Please click here to accept marketing cookies and enable this content  a cinemagraph . The animat image is present in an impressive quality and everything is rigid except for one element. Cinemagraphs in Marketing Cinemagraphs are currently on the rise again but they have been us for advertising purposes by well-known brands since . Cinemagraphs are still able to fascinate viewers and draw their attention. A big advantage of.

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One of the reasons for this is

Cinemagraphs is that they are significantly cheaper than expensively produc advertising videos. At the same time they succe in capturing the viewer’s KY Lists attention and drawing attention to the product for example. Cinemagraphs can also encourage website visitors to stay longer on the site and encourage interaction. They are also significantly smaller in file size than videos making them more suitable for optimiz websites and blogs. The autoplay function can also be us to automatically play cinemagraphs in an endless loop which is also an important aspect when designing blogs and websites. Facebook Marketing course The correct integration of cinemagraphs on websites When embding cinemagraphs.

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