Product backlog  which in turn depends on the level of prioritization. The following applies The higher the priority of the item the further up the item is in the product backlog . In addition the level of detail of the entries decreases. Tmapp in great detail and low-priority entries are only roughly outlin. Finally entries that are to  process in the next so-call sprint regular and repeatable work processesmust  present in more detail than vague ideas that arise at the end of theproduct backlogs are locat. This feature keeps the product backlog short and concise overall. Requirements are identifi and refin throughout the course of the project.

That high-priority entries are

Estimating the Product Backlog items helps express the approximate size of the requirement. This is helpful for prioritizing entries and tracking project Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List progress. The estimations of the entries usually take place regularly in the sprint since new entries have to  estimat and the estimation of existing entries has to  adjust Variable  that is creat at the ginning of the project and is then final. It is continuously adapt to the current conditions.  changing the order of entries removing modifying and refining existing entries. How much the product backlog changes over the course of the project is influenc by the degree of innovation of the product. The changes to the backlog are not only initiat by your.

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The product backlog is not a document

Own scrum team but also feback from customers users and other stakeholders offers customization options for the product backlog . Due to the agile KY Lists processes requirements are implement very promptly in product increments result of a sprint). This enables feback to  obtain regularly and then incorporat into the product backlog . As a result the product backlog is constantly growing and changing . product backlog . Prioritiz The items are plac in the Product Backlog after prioritizationbuilt-in. This gives the team a direction and the most important entries are in focus. All entries should  prioritiz according to the same establish criteria The.

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