Years of experience we are happy to support you! Contact us for a personal consultation: Bastian FoersterBastian Foerster : Create a timeline with steps & touchpoints Bas on this data the various sub-steps should then defin that a customer of your company goes through in chronological order. A distinction is made tween so-call steps and touchpoints. Steps are individual actions or steps taken by the customer in their customer journey . This includes for example the knowlge of one’s own ne for a product or service. In contrast there must an actual point of contact tween the customer and the company at a touchpoint.

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For example if a retailer mentions your brand or product in a sales pitch this is referr to as a touchpoint. Step : Identify relevant channels  the Paraguay Phone Number List purchase process has en mapp the relevant channels for communication must now defin. already ing us but also those that are not yet ing us. They offer possible potential for improving the customer experience . You should present at all important points of the customer journey of your persona and create points of contact. You should act both online and offline the right mix is ​​expient. Are you already using the potential available to you in online marketing.

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The experts from the milaTec team will happy to support you in analyzing your current marketing measures and in optimizing and implementing KY Lists new activities relating to social mia and websites. Contact the digital agency! Leena LorenzSocial mia marketing offers great potential for creating contacts with your customers. Are you already using LinkIn or Facebook Ads We support you with the implementation the first steps and thus ensure performance in your social mia ads. Leena Lorenz project manager at milaTEC Step : Analyze the customer’s feelings Customer journey mapping is also about understanding the customer’s emotional state.

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