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Cultures team development and personnel diagnostics. serve what purpose Archetypes in brand management. seem emotional. They target the collective unconscious. enable us marketing guys to control emotions. They are particularly suitable for international brand management.  attitudes and influence behavior. Especially in saturat markets where competition is intense. . What is the importance of archetypes in online communication Brands have the same archetypes online as offline. However there are a few peculiarities in the online world. A master’s thesis on the archetypes of Insta-Girls and Insta-Boys is currently being written in Berlin.

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The Assumption: Both groups strive for the archetype of beauty (sensuous passionate desirable). But is this really the truth Are there other archetypes Saudi Arabia Phone Numbers List that play a role Can Instagram be ruc to the concept of beauty Are there differences between Insta-Girls and Insta-Boys Are traditional role models being repackag here The master s student is currently conducting an empirical online study on this. I look forward to the results. In this context the following questions arise for brands: Which role models do I have to trigger if I want to place my brand on Insta.

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Girls and Insta-Boys And deriv from the archetypes which topics are relevant for them What does content marketing look like that really sits and KY Lists does not produce a content graveyard . Will the archetypes continue to change in the future and if so in which direction Yes but only slowly. Just as a slow change in values ​​takes place in society about every years the archetypal model would have to be review in years. Probably not much will change with the archetypes at most here and there with the motives. And definitely with the relevance of individual archetypes. The model itself is relatively timeless the characteristics can chanMarketing for locksmiths – How to win new customers.

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