Nchmarking At the ginning of a project it is important to define the appropriate parameters for your own company. On the one hand the nchmarking objects are available for selection . These are the identification of appropriate areas  a company which in turn are to  compar with those of another company. Determining appropriate nchmarking-Objects is extremely important as these objects should have particular potential for improvement. It would therefore make sense for example to compare a less well-performing.

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Product from your own company with a comparable product from an external company which however can record much higher sales. likely to discover South Korea Phone Numbers List performance differences in a direct comparison and can use the right measures to optimize your own product more specifically after the project has en successfully complet. Both internal and external information is evaluat for this purpose. process nchmarkingis us wherever it is necessary to find out whether a company is implementing the right measures. These are primarily work processes operating procures or procures in production. But executives and employees can also.

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Part of the investigation. If far-reaching and long-term changes in the corporate structure are aim for a so-call structure nchmarking is usually carri out KY Lists afterwards . The main aim is to backlight the company organization. Performance dimensions:The performance dimensions are also an important part. These are already defin at the ginning of the project.  factors for your company during the analysis and evaluation phase. In this analysis phase all the necessary information is collect and evaluat. By comparing the resulting data possible deficits in your own products and services can  recogniz and identifi This data is usually process graphically in network or Z diagrams. This.

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