Further training impulses for digitization in marketing Digitization in marketing with a partner Digitization in marketing your degree of maturity Of course no marketing department is completely analog anymore.   But how old is this Is it also us strategically and does your company really think digitally Some questions to check the digital maturity level of your marketing organization Do you have the opportunity to access your core marketing information and processes on the go (independent of location and time) Can you map and accompany the customer’s decision-making process  from the first step of paying.

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Attention to the purchase decision Have you mapp your target groups and their digital requirements for your company Do you know which processes and Bolivia Phone Number List activities in marketing offer add value for the company and differentiate you from the competition   marketing team think mobile and digital first Do you have a structur and fully digitiz lead management  Marketing and sales work together digitally Are your meetings taking place digitally or hybrid Do you use digital collaboration tools Do you continue to ucate yourself digitally Die Marketing paar fancy Data is the new oil That’s what you read occasionally. But without an oil tank and combustion engine the oil won’t work either. Data must  collect structur and prepar for marketing decisions.

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It is not the right way to decide according to the squire’s style despite the availability of data The digital marketing department Go digital with digital KY Lists partners Even if a company was active with stationary dealers in the past for example the path to digitization will certainly  more successful with digitally affine sales partners.  partners is usually unavoidable. Anyone who says A must also  able to say B Digitization leads to changes Wash me but don’t get me wet If you want digitization in marketing according to the motto EASY you are doing marketing as it was years ago The train left –  Managing Director of the – German Institute for Marketing Digital Marketing with the Online Marketing Framework From our point of view it has also proven itself to use the online marketing framework to develop the marketing.

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