Training courses in order to finally emb the target group representative in the company. . Persona – How to use persona in marketing Personas can be us for different purposes in marketing. On the one hand in product development since every employee has a different idea of ​​the target group but products or services are best receiv  and correspond exactly to the customer’s wishes. On the other hand it is also a decision-making aid for marketing activities. In addition personas can be us to clarify the question of which content and approaches are of interest to customers and where and when customers are particularly receptive.

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The question of the means of communication can also be better answer with a target group representative. to receive advertising is a crucial Guatemala Phone Number List question in order to use advertising in a target and optimiz manner. In this way the question of what content is relevant to the target group of a service or product can be answer more purposefully. In order to answer these questions in the company however the persona must first be implementtake place in the company. As a result all employees know the target group representative and communication is thus optimiz. . Persona – What goals or benefits can be achiev with personas Personas generate consensus efficiency and enable companies to work in a focus manner.

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It is easier to empathize with one person than to imagine the behavior of a whole group of people.  serve to better understand the target group This KY Lists makes it possible to understand the wishes nes and problems of the target group. In addition tips can be collect in order to publish the right content for the respective target group. This increases the likelihood of convincing the target group of your own services. In addition with the help of personas there is less wastage since the target group can be address more individually and thus more appropriately.

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