Public transport or when shopping. Therapeutic steps should  initiat at an early stage so that the anxiety patients do not avoid the respective situations permanently. Specific phobia Very many people have specific phobias relat to certain key stimuli. are fuel by spiders, insects, thunderstorms, narrow spaces and elevators. Even if those affect can classify their phobia as irrational, the feeling of fear arises automatically in the respective situation. Nevertheless, experience has shown that phobias can also  treat very well with the right therapeutic approach. Social phobia With a social phobia, the feeling of fear occurs above all in.

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Interaction with other people. Social phobia is often fuel by fear of uncomfortable and embarrassing situations.  often avoid contact with strangers and China Phone Number List also shy away from larger groups of people. Generaliz Anxiety Disorder In contrast to other anxiety disorders, generaliz anxiety disorder is not determin by specific key stimuli. Rather, a generaliz anxiety disorder is associat with permanent tension and irrational worries.  determine everyday life, so that ultimately a thought spiral arises. With this clinical picture, too, a fear of fear often manifests itself, so that many of those affect find it difficult.

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To cope with their everyday life. Since the permanent worries can hardly  explain rationally, it is all the more important that an experienc therapist KY Lists shows the patient a way out of the fear. Depression is often link to anxiety First of all, it should  mention that anxiety disorders and depression are often link. During a depressive phase, people are particularly prone to fear of the future and fear of failure, inner restlessness and panic attacks. However, once the depression is treat, the symptoms disappear and with them the anxiety Of course  it is also.

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