Group-orient customer approach With the option of addressing customers in a target group-orient manner different customer wishes can be fulfill. In addition companies that use digital signage present themselves as modern and customer-friendly. Digital signage also creates a pleasant atmosphere. new customer acquisition  of complicat  customers. In this regard the combination of information transfer and advertising or entertainment creates a high level of acceptance among customers. Cheap method Apart from relatively high acquisition costs digital signage is inexpensive in contrast to other marketing measures. Despite high target group accuracy comparatively low costs are incurr.

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In addition there are no printing costs and digital signage offers more advertising space. Use of shop window space With the use of digital signage Greece Phone Number List for example there is the possibility of using shop window areas outside of opening hours. Online Marketing Seminar Visit our online marketing seminar and learn how to market your company online with the website as the focal pointFind out about the dates and exact content: Mon / / Online marketing compactin Cologne or onlineInform nowOnline marketing compactin Cologne or onlineInform now Legend:Free places available.Only a few places left!Sorry fully book.

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Digital Signage Trends The classic digital signage is now a frequently us and widespread marketing measure. But now the classic and interactive KY Lists digital signage is increasingly being combin with innovative technologies so that and applications for digital signage. So there is now intelligent digital signage – they are equipp with artificial intelligence. In the following four trends for are highlight which in addition to innovative technology also show the use of artificial intelligence in digital signage . . Touch screens Digital signage equipp with multi-touch technology enable professional customer communication. Interactive applications can be operat using known gestures. In the next step the trend shows interactive self.

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