Well-found decisions We are guid by facts / experience and do not act from the gut Network agile collaborationSuccessful performance marketing requires network and agile collaboration across departmental boundaries Integrat approachesPerformance  measures along the chain of reach interaction transaction Performance Marketing Seminar Deepen and learn everything about the topic in our -day performance marketing seminar. If you are interest simply find out about the exact dates and content  performance marketingwith Prof. Dr. Michael rnecker in Cologne or online Inform now Thursday.

Marketing integrates online and offline

Performance marketing with Prof. Dr. Michael rnecker in Cologne or  marketing and communication measuresThese are usually transaction Dominican Republic Phone Number List targets . In order to achieve these transaction goals we ne two intermiate stagesinteraction with the content of the company andonlineInform now Legend:Free places available.Only a few places and strategies in performance marketing There are a numr of individually configurable measures in performance marketing . The aim is to align all marketing measures with the customer journey of a specific persona and thus to combine the impact levels of reach interaction and transaction and to support the customer in his decision-making process in a structur way. The most common tools in the.

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Field of performance marketing include Search engine marketing (SEM) affiliate marketing Email Marketing Banner advertising (display KY Lists advertising) Social Mia Marketing Online Marketing Manager DIM . Performance Marketing KPI’s  marketing are always marketing and communication goals that are to  support or pursu with marketing measures. Basically range interaction and transaction goals can  identifi. But just running after the question What’s the point of that anywayis not quite right. Let’s put the horse of performance indicators fore the horseWhat do we want to achieve what is the final goal of all the offer as well as a purely quantitative goal the reach in the relevant target group From the marketing.

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