Pay particular attention to in an Instagram competition To ensure that the Instagram competition also meets the current requirements it is important to familiarize yourself with the guidelines for promotions on the platform in advance.  stipulates that The platform must  releas from any responsibility. Therefore among other things it must  clearly communicat that not Instagram but the relevant account is hosting the competition. No calls for markings are allow The company concern is entrust with complying with the rules.

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It is also particularly important that the conditions for participation in the sweepstakes must  transparent and comprehensible. Among other Nigeria Phone Number List things the start and end of the raffle must  specifi here.  to the data protection regulations.  a page with the relevant terms and conditions of participation and data protection and to link it via the Instagram bio. But ware The regulations relating to sweepstakes in social networks are constantly changing. If you want to  on the safe side here you should get a brief overview fore publishing an action. It only takes a few clicks to view the current regulations on Instagram. Conclusion Instagram sweepstakes as a performance push Instagram sweepstakes are.

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Very well suit to generate a high reach and thus increase brand awareness and interaction on the Instagram channel. You have countless options KY Lists for designing the raffle buShitstorm – How the net gets upset and what you can do about it  The shitstorm is a phenomenon fear by companies in social networks. Fail advertising campaigns are often the impetus for a wave of bad criticism that hits the company via channels such as Facebook or Twitter. In this case the motto is React quickly and prudently. cause a shitstorm can cause long-term damage to the corporate image What.

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