Legend Free places available Only a few places left!Sorry fully book. Blue Oceans vs. R Oceans The differences tween Blue Oceans and R Oceans are summariz in the graphic low: differences The Blue Ocean strategy can found here in detail: most widely us Blue Ocean strategy tools include the ERSK square the value curve six search paths for systematically expanding the market and the PMS square which are explain in more detail low. Strategic Marketing Seminar Anyone who rests on the laurels of the past will have no chance of surviving in the future. In our Strategic Marketing seminar you will learn how to make.

Blue Ocean strategy tools The

Sustainable strategic decisions to keep your company on the road to success! You will learn all the basics about the tasks goals and methods of  you can Belarus Phone Number List strategically work on your market with suitable instruments. Further information and the seminar dates can found here: W. Strategic Marketingwith Prof. in Cologne or onlineInform now W . Strategic Marketingwith Prof. in Cologne or onlineInform now Legend:Free places available.Only a few places left!Sorry fully book. The ERSK square With the help of the ERSK square.

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Strategic marketing and how

The offer as a combination of cost optimization and nefit increase should achiev. The measures to optimize costs are made up of elimination and KY Lists ruction the measures to increase the nefit of increase and creation. ERSK square The Square  check the existing and plann portfolio . The results can serve as an aid for strategy alignment . The current and plann portfolio is shown in the square and classifi into the categories Pioneers Migrators and Settlers. The size of the respective products / services is determin bas on the market volume or market potential. Pioneers are innovative products that offer the st opportunities for strong.

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