Without lifelong learning you can no longer progress at many points in your career. But what makes learning so important and what does this requirement mean for professionals Training job and pension – a discontinu model Continuing ucation Lifelong Learning In the post-war generation CVs like this were part of the norm: you did an  industry and work there until you retir. As a rule these chimney careers even took place in one and the same company where the employee start small and gradually climb up the salary levels. However professional biographies of this kind are becoming increasingly exotic exceptions.

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Not because employees are no longer willing to make long-term commitments but primarily because the economic environment of companies is changing Iceland Phone Number List It constantly demands new skills and competences from the individual working person – through further training climb the next career level and are protect from losing their job. challeng here than employees as they have to position themselves independently in a changing market. Examples of rapid developments As a key factor the development of the Internet has permanently chang the structures of many industries over the past few decades and is.

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Only those who stay on the ball

Doing so continuously. Two of the biggest change processes went through the following areas Online trading While e-commerce turnover in KY Lists Germany in was only . billion euros years later it has reach an impressive . billion . Consequently online shops which were of little importance for many companies at the turn of the millennium are currently decisive for the sales of many companies. Clothing telecommunications and electronic items are currently among the top-selling product groups in German online retail. The fashion industry which years ago reli almost exclusively on local trade as a sales channel now accounts for percent of the goods trad over the Internet in this country. Such a change in a relatively short time also requires maximum flexibility from the employees But the potential.

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