Sales and profit for a product or service. In the saturation phase there is no more growth. The potential and the market volume have en exhaust.  increasing significantly. Customer loyalty and retention is coming more and more important. The phase of market saturation is follow by the phase of degeneration. Degeneration descris the decline in market share and profit and sales continue to decline. Market saturation does not immiately mean the end of your company! It is important that you take action at an early stage and counteract it.

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To avoid degenerationyou are left with a few options. You can reposition yourself with the help of successful product marketing or a brand Thailand Phone Number List relaunch. More options are present at the end of this post. product manager  is the market fully saturat The market saturation is determin by calculating the degree of saturation . metricwith percent reflecting full market saturation . For completely new and innovative products or servicesthe degree of saturation should therefore  zero percent. degree of saturation The market volume includes the actual sales volume that currently prevails on the marketthe actual valueso to speak. The market potential descris the maximum possible sales volume for.

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A specific market segment. The quotient of these two terms is multipli by percent. This results in the degree of saturation of the market for a specific KY Lists product or service. Prof. Dr. Michael rneckerCalculating the degree of saturation for your market segment makes sense not only when you are fac with possible market saturation but at regular intervals! Would you like to launch a new product – The key figure of the degree of saturation tells you how promising the sale of your product is offer will actually  on the market. This allows you to determine your chances and thus your market potential at an early stage of the.

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