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Promotes long-term productivity. Another factor is that the search for new talent is always associat with high costs. Advertisements often have to be placheadhunters may even have to be paid and job interviews conduct. In additionhigh  cannot develop a good bond with one another. This damages the working atmosphere and contributes to the development of dissatisfaction. The best tools for employee retention Many entrepreneurs shy away from investing in employee retention because they fear that their human capital will still migrate if there is a good offer. The investment would be for nothing.

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There is also a natural fluctuation due to personal reasons. CFO asks the CEO What happens if we invest in the development of our  our company CEO Israel Phone Number List What happens if we don’t invest and they stay When talking about employee retention you should first decide on a concept and then consider individual measures. As a rulea distinction is made between the watering can principle and individual measures. personnel marketing The watering can principle for employee retention All measures that benefit every employee equally.

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Fall under the watering can principle. For examplethis could be setting up a relaxation room. This approach has advantages and KY Lists disadvantages. very differently by employees. While it is exactly what one person prefersthe other may not be able to use it at all. Singlesfor examplespend more time at work and like to enjoy their leisure time with their colleagues. Those who maintain a relationship often want to be with their partner early and use the common room in the office less. The advantagehoweveris that nobody nes to feel unfairly treat. Employee loyalty according to the watering can principle avoids tensions arising within the workforce. Business Development Manager A selective retention of employees If you are selectiveyou choose individual.

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