Ado survey marketing managers in companies and. Agencies about their budgets and the greatest potential. In the digital market. for social mia marketing content marketing and content. Personalization will increase. that companies that improve the customer experience and create engaging content differentiate themselves from their competition. There is less investment in the areas of affiliate marketing search advertising and sales enablement. The detail results are available hereAdo Digital Trends . ⇒ Online Marketing Studies Digital Marketing Trends by absolit As part of the study by the consulting company absolit Internet marketing managers from mium-siz and large companies.

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In the retail tourism insurance and B B sectors were interview. According to the study results email and search engines are digital marketing and receive Iran Phone Number List the most additional investments. Accordingly percent plan to increase their budget for e-mail and search engine marketing. According to the study results trade in particular nefits from e-mail marketing measures as they generate almost a quarter of sales. You can find the short version of the study hereDigital Marketing Trends by absolit . Study on the subject of online marketing by the Offenburg University of Appli Sciences As part of the study Christopher.

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Israel from the Faculty of Mia and Information Science at Offenburg University of Appli Sciences survey small and mium-siz companies in the Ortenau KY Lists region about their use of online marketing measures and uncover the relevant factors that make online marketing of these companies successful. The results of the study show that there is still a lot of potential in online marketing that remains untapp although most companies have recogniz the importance of social mia and company websites. According to the study the online measures most us by SMEs are search engine optimization (SEO) and e-mail advertising. The study also reveals factors relevant to search engines by examining.

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