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Cohesion From a cooking course to a creative workshop to sporting activities such as climbing. If the marketing team enjoys spending time together after hoursyou’ve achiev your goal. Employee loyalty through a good salary Finallyit must also be address that the salary is an important factor. Only those who can make a good living from their work will be happy to do the job. The salary offers security poaching. So make sure that the payment is always fair and that every employee sees opportunities to earn well in your company. hat before designing your logoyou look closely at the others leave.

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This is how you gain days for your further development ucational leave – for many employees and employersa term for. days of training in a Anhui Mobile Phone Number List different locationby the sea or in the sun. You take a little break from everyday life and learn a new language or deepen your professional knowlge. All this only for the jobof course Many people imagine valuable days in the year as professional further training in this way or something similar. But that is exactly what should be avoid! Companies often do not even know about the possibility of ucational leave.

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How ever every full-time employee is legally entitl to these dayseven from the past year the days can be carri over to the coming year.  employee has KY Lists already been a member of the company for months. ucational leave But what exactly is ucational leave ucational leave is the release from actual work for the purpose of ucation. Within this frameworkseminars or language trips can be madewhich mean new knowlge for the profession. Within daysthe participants attend at least lessons per day and can take new incentives with them. In the meantimethe employee continues to receive their wagesbut in many cases has to bear the costs of.

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