Help you In summary Webmaster Tools offer all website owners many functions that are essential for search engine optimization. With the  giant not only provides a clear analysis option for monitoring but also helps with the implementation of improvements. With Search Console you canDetermine keywords for which your website will found Check the indexing status of your website View and optimize your linking structure Find out about crawling errors and fix them Adjust your website settings Organize central data such as opening hours Improve the usability of your website In addition to other Google tools such as Google.

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Analytics the Search Console can provide additional help which means that even inexperienc webmasters can easily it their homepage B B – tips for direct Nigeria Phone Number List implementation – vote Search engine optimization is a must for companies even in the B B sector . If you want to found by potential customers you ne an optimiz website with high visibility in the common search engines. cause business customers also use Google and Co when looking for service providers and partners. For customer acquisition not only the service and product portfolio should maintain but also the website. However many B B companies have a lot of catching up to do here.

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Many companies still rely on classic print advertising and cold calling to increase their attention and address prospects. . In an interview with KY Lists Dennis Kottmann from Surplex we talk about tips for B B companies . B B DIMMr. Kottmann why do you think search engine optimization is so important for companies in the B B sector Mr. KottmannGoogling is basically part of everyday life it is not for nothing that a separate word has establish itself in everyday language. And of course this does not only apply to customers in the B C sector. Business customers also use search engines when they are looking for a supplier sales partner or other service provider. After all this is the quickest way to gather information.

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