The payment methods The aim is to give them a feeling of security here too that they will get their money back if the goods do not arrive or if they do not like them. For this reason payment providers such as PayPal which offer additional buyer protection are very popular. It is also important to offer different payment methods to choose from . by crit card payment on account or cash on delivery is also recommend cause these options also increase security for the customer and thus build trust. Complaints and returns With the right payment methods customers know that the products they have order will actually.

Products look like what their quality

Deliver or at least their money is not lost. However fore they buy they want to know what options they have if the goods do not meet their expectations China Phone Number List do not fit are damag or there are other reasons for a complaint.  therefore plays an important role for many people in their purchasing decisions. It is all the more important for every shop to make complaints and returns as uncomplicat as possible. This advantage must also communicat correctly on the web portal for example directly under the product description or as a subpage that can found at a glance – just like the imprint. This is where UX comes into play again.

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In addition to prepayment or payment

Product photos and information The product description leads to the next point: Since the customer cannot touch the goods fore buying them or KY Lists see them with their own eyes they want to know as precisely as possible what theis how they fit etc. It is therefore important to provide him with comprehensive information about the product. The product photos must professional meaningful and natural i.e. they must not falsify the colours fit or materials. At the same time they should match the branding and the target group. tter than.

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