Should  clarifiCreate an overview of the topic and methodology of the workshop and inform your customers about the procure forehand. of the workshop document by a neutral person and discuss the results again at a follow-up workshop with some distance. Prepare your requirements workshop professionally carry it out in a structur manner and follow it up efficiently. In this way you can clarify and essentially fix the most important requirements with your stakeholders. Of course adjustments can always  made afterwards but you have clarifi the most important framework conditions for the time ing. Agile project management and agile marketing in the seminar Would you like further input on agile project management We.

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Have seminars for you as open formats or as in-house workshops! LegendFree places available.Only a few places left!Sorry fully book. Would you like Guangdong Mobile Phone Number List to implement agile methods in your marketing processePoint of of us comes into contact with the point of sale on a daily basis – most likely even when you don’t even leave the house.  is where products or services are sold. This location can  the nearest shopping center the small boutique next door or the kiosk across the street – but every online shop is also a point of sale. You can find out what the term means in this article. Point of sale – definition and classification The point of sale is where a product or service is sold The POS represents the.

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Point of sale where the goods are actually offer. Accordingly the customer comes into direct contact with the product or service at the point of sale. The KY Lists point of sale can  real or digital. On the one hand this includes the very classic retail and catering outlets – such as supermarkets bars restaurants or even clothing stores. On the other hand the entire area of ​​e-commerce is also part of it – for example pure online shops and delivery services in the catering trade. Generally speaking the point of sale descris the buildings or websites in which goods and offers.

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