Is that the order of the touchpoints varies depending on the customer. In our example some customers first learn about the cinema from friends others discover a newspaper advertisement forehand and still others walk past the cinema by chance.  different phases which always occur in the same order in the customer journey. There are no fix specifications for the designation and numr of phases as they depend on the respective company. In our experience however the model with the following three phases has proven its worth: activation information gathering action. A fourth phase customer retentionis not part of the.

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Original customer journey but can interpret as the ginning of a new customer journey by leading the customer to make anotherrepeat purchase after Romania Phone Number List the purchase. The touchpoints and phases are display in a timeline. within these phases but there is tween the phases.Cinema example: phases and the associat touchpoints Die die passive  method that aims to increase the visibility of a website and thereby generate more visitors for the website.  to the ranking of unpaid results in the organic search engine ranking and thus excludes paid advertisements. This clearly distinguishes it from search engine advertisingSEA which allows paid ads from companies to appear above the.

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There is no fix sequence of touchpoints

Organic ranking. Search engine optimization brings many advantages to website operators and has therefore firmly establish itself in the marketing KY Lists world. The nefits ofare explain in more detail low . nefits ofThe importance of search engine optimization The importance of search engine optimization has steadily increas in recent years and is now an indispensable element of online marketing e.g. sports finance trade and science they play a decisive role in the first phases of the customer journey. With the help of an optimiz website that has high rankings for frequently us keywords customers can made aware of the company early on in their journey. Even if there is no concrete interest in buying but only research there is a real opportunity for companies to win.

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