Company’s businessunless the items are of low valuefor example. Howeverthis advantage is often not seen as suchwhich is partly understandablesince the tax savings will only materialize in the coming financial years. Howeverthere is the possibility of a special depreciation on movable assets. This allows further amounts to  duct from profits in addition to the normal depreciation. This has the advantage that the tax savings are immiate and not only in future years. Howeverthis form of special depreciation can only  appli to depreciable movable assets that are also part of the company’s fix assetswhich will usually  the case. All intangible goods or real estate are exclud from this. Since special depreciation is only intend to promote small and mium-siz businesses on movable assetssize.

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Characteristics were specifi as a condition for the application of this special depreciationwhich start-ups usually meet. Tip : Claim assets that were previously Pakistan Phone Number List us privately for tax purposes A certainly rare tax tip for business founders can  us assets to business assets . In factthis happens relatively often in start-ups.  do not know that they can claim formerly privately us assets for tax purposes under certain conditions. The st-known example of this is certainly one’s own carwhich is suddenly us for business activities such as trips to customers. But this also includes other things. Let’s assume that.

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A business founder equips his new conference room with tables and chairs from his private propertywhich he bought a few years ago out of his KY Lists own pocket for several thousand eurosbut for some reason us only rarely or not at all at home.  is years. If you calculate the fictitious depreciationthere can still  several thousand euros as a deposit value. Of coursethe decisive factor is that the private furniture has now come a business assetthe acquisition costs of which can  claim for tax purposes. Who is our interview partner Thomas Bartsch has en working in the tax field for more.

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