Emotions does the customer feel at what point in time When do they play a special role And when are they more neutral Putting yourself in the emotional state reveals at which steps of the customer journey there is dissatisfaction and tter support is ne. But open to interacting with your company. If it is possible to implement the right measures at the right time this ensures customer satisfaction . Warning: only a realistic assessment of the situation can lead to helpful insights! Customer journey mapping in practice.

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Many companies that have recogniz the importance of customer orientation already rely on the method of customer journey mapping .Quadient Germany Peru Phone Number List GmbH from it is us by % of companies the majority of whom also achieve positive results with it.is seen as increasing customer satisfaction but also for example rucing customer complaints and rucing customer churn. A common obstacle to the introduction of CJM is a lack of knowlge and awareness in this area. Does that also apply to you We would happy to support you in implementing this promising method! Contact us for a personal consultation.

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Send an email Practical example: package app A practical example serves to illustrate the nefits of the method for the further development of KY Lists offers. For example the shipping of a package has different steps that the customer has to go through. He has problems with packaging and franking: I ne a suitable box. Which stamp etc. must us And also the way to the post office is something I would like to save myself. Putting yourself in the shoes of the customer and knowing about their individual steps and the problems and experiences that result from this can now us sensibly. A package app can.

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