Considerations Determine the project environment and project character (methodology). Conduct preliminary talks ask about readiness determine project management Anticipate possible hurdles prepare arguments Apply for and get the project off the ground When preparing projects tact is often requir.  and opinions to identify the expectations of various stakeholders and to demonstrate foresight with regard to the (also emotional) scope of the project. Project management initiation With the initiation your project starts and with it the project management . In this phase you assemble the team clarify content and goals and set rules for organization and communication. Here is a summary of the most important.

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Points Define content goals and time horizon Specifically descri the expect project results (qualitative and quantitative). Increas involvement of the project Conduit CN Sales Leads management in the composition of the project team Resource planning  ) Economic analysis risk assessment Put together the final project team Defining organization and communication  at this point. In addition to the content the project team must have a clear idea of ​​how it is organiz and what expectations there are in terms of communication. Project management planning When planning you should always keep in mind that unforeseen events can always occur in the course of the project. Nevertheless you should consider the.

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Following points for orientation Defining the content and timing of the project phases Specification of certain methods such as Scrum Definition of work KY Lists packages and expect results Formulation of intermiate goals and partial results Concrete assignment of tasks If you want to use agile project management methods (e.g. Scrum) it goes without saying that the project memrs involv are familiar with the requirements and rules. You may have to offer appropriate qualification measures fore the project starts. Ensure that all project memrs have a clear understanding of their role their work assignment and the expect outcome Project.

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