For future videos to  successful. YouTu  – Ranking Factor  Where do visitors come from and where do they go YouTu is not a non-profit organization but a company that wants to make a profit. The video platform is financ by advertising revenue. e longer the visitors stay the higher they are. For this reason YouTu is very interest in acquiring viewers on other websites. If your video helps drive users from other websites to YouTu it will  appreciat. In concrete terms this means that YouTu  involves leading users to the video platform.

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 Keeping them there. It is recommend for example to draw attention to your video via Facebook and thus lure Facebook users to YouTu. what the viewer Austria Phone Numbers List does afterwards. Does he leave YouTu again or watch another video and thus increase the video revenue generat In order to actively increase the length of stay it is advisable to create several videos on relat topics and to refer to them. This is how you motivate your viewers to consume more content on YouTu. YouTu  – Ranking Factor  What you talk about in the video At least since.

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The possibility of showing the spoken text in the form of subtitles YouTu pays close attention to which words you choose and pronounce. Articulate yourself KY Lists clearly and use keywords for which you want to  found if possible at the ginning and distribut over the entire length. However that shouldn’t seem strange. stay natural YouTu  –  basics of YouTu  still play a major role. This also includes the integration of keywords . Although user havior is coming more and more important basic optimization for keywords is still an absolute must. These should appear in the following placesvideo title Description filename video tags . The title The keyword for which the video should  display in the search results should.

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